Cloud Security Solutions

Have you adopted the cloud yet? Many companies and agencies are finding out that fighting the move to the cloud is futile. As cloud storage and processing becomes more economical, we see more people moving to it every day. Are you prepared to secure the data? We have solutions to help.


Lost data can lead to lost revenues, downtime, and even regulatory fines. Onsite backups can be costly and still require offsite backups for disaster recovery purposes. Provide the best of both worlds with a solution that can provide onsite, cloud, and instant recovery in a single platform.

CASB (Cloud Access Security Brokers)

Cloud adoption in the enterprise has created new security and compliance issues. Manage employee use of non-sanctioned applications, or “shadow IT,” while enabling the secure use of sanctioned applications.

Cloud Based Management

Everyone is offering a “single-pane-of-glass” today to manage their solutions. The forward-thinking ones are moving that role to the cloud to reduce cost and provide easy accessibility.

Cloud Integrations

With most enterprises moving to the cloud, the necessity for integration with currently deployed on-premise solutions is a must. Our solutions and services can help companies ensure they are getting the most out of their investments in the cloud.

Cloud Management Services

Today’s central management consoles are moving to the cloud for ease of accessibility. The following solutions have already made the transition and many more will come.

Cloud Networking

The most common use of the cloud today is the “hybrid cloud”, the merger of cloud and on-premise networks that work together seamlessly. Our solutions help make this a reality and protect the data in transit between the two.

Cloud Storage

Looking to offload storage of local data to the cloud? We can help you reduce the rising cost of local storage hardware, while providing built-in disaster recovery and dynamic provisioning for your every growing data.

Container Security

Containers are the new wave of agility for developers, but they still need protection. Our solutions provide cloud-native security automation optimized to protect and scale across container and micro-services environments, including vulnerability scanning and monitoring and compliance validation.

Content Filter

Users no longer reside only on the corporate network, so your content filtering can’t either. Using company owned devices, they need the protection and filtering provided at the same level as when they are directly connected at the office. Our solutions can provide this wherever your employees reside.

Email Security

All external email flows through the “cloud” before it gets to your inbox and nowadays, most email is hosted in the cloud as well. The default security built into these cloud-based email exchanges are not enough. Our solutions provide security and peace of mind, regardless of where you mail resides.


With the increasing amount of data being stored in the cloud, you need to have the peace of mind that it is secure. Most people don’t know that the cloud provider is not responsible for loss of data from their cloud. Protect your data even if it gets stolen, by encrypting it, wherever it exists.

Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) & Endpoint Detection and Remediation (EDR)

Reduce overhead, friction, and cost of EPP & EDR by moving the management and compute-power to the cloud. Take advantage of the threat intelligence gleaned from millions of users, while keeping your endpoints protected with the best security available.

Human Security

Security Awareness Training and Testing are a necessity in today’s world. All security products can be negated by mistakes made by careless employees. Hosted and served up from the cloud you can create and run your own campaigns or Future Com can provide a fully managed solution.

Intrusion Detection (IDS)

Modern Security Operation Center’s (SOC) are beginning to move their event alerting to the cloud to take advantage of the compute power available for weeding through all the noise and providing more actionable alerts.

IP Address Management

Visibility and management of resources can be a challenge when it comes to the digital transformation to the cloud. Now you can have both with integrations into AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Automatically eliminate blind spots by discovering and tracking resources across all your cloud and on-prem environments.

Log Management & SIEM

Managing onsite logs and events has been solved for a while now, but what about when you move your servers and data to the cloud? You still need to monitor them. Our partners have the solution to do just that.

Office 365 Protection

Microsoft’s built in security has been proven to be ineffective for enterprises moving to O365. With email, cloud storage, and other applications hosting corporate data, you need a higher level of protection than what comes with your O365 subscription. Let us prove the need of better security for your cloud with our solutions.

Password Management

With so many applications today, keeping up with usernames and passwords can be almost insurmountable. The temptation to reuse passwords can cause devastation if you are ever compromised. We provide solutions to manage all your passwords securely, while allowing them to be shared among different devices for convenience.

Privileged Access Management

Our solutions provide privileged access security to store, rotate and isolate credentials, monitor sessions, as well as provide secure remote privileged access to corporate assets, regardless of their location.

Remote Access/VPN

The days of back-hauling all your data through the corporate office to maintain a security policy for remote users is gone. Embrace cloud based access solutions to provide secure access from anywhere, to anywhere.


Providing the ability to execute files and attachments to determine their intent, sandboxing was invented. With the number of threats found each day, speed to determination is critical and the cloud provides the necessary compute power and flexibility to spin up virtual images for detonation. We provide solutions that utilize the cloud resources to make your sandboxing efforts more efficient.

Shadow IT

Determine what cloud apps your employees are using and what company data they are storing in places like DropBox, Box, and Office365.

Single Sign-On (SSO) & Multi-Factor Authentication

With corporate applications residing on-prem and in the cloud, it makes it difficult to provide a consistent method of authentication across all platforms. Our solutions can provide a single pane of glass for application access, as well as, multi-factor authentication for better protection than traditional usernames and passwords.

Storage Security

Moving data to the cloud introduces risks that weren’t present in the local datacenter. Our solutions provide scalable, high-performance threat detection and prevention for cloud storage and workloads, NAS devices, and SharePoint services, and more.

Virtual Firewall

Your servers are in the cloud, but your firewall is in your data center. What’s wrong with this picture? You need your firewalls where your servers and data reside. We offer virtual firewall solutions, for all the major cloud vendors, that you can manage alongside your current on-prem solution.

Visibility & Threat Monitoring

Visibility into cloud instances can be a challenge, especially if your cloud environment is dynamic. Monitoring for threats on virtual platforms, that may only be active for hours at a time, causes consternation for security teams today. Our solutions can address the threats in these environments and help you sleep better at night.

Vulnerability Management and Pen Testing

Traditional vulnerability management solutions provide information about on-premise devices and are typically managed there as well. Today’s hybrid cloud networks require flexibility and a different approach to understand the vulnerabilities to your assets, no matter where they reside.

Web Application Firewall

Most web applications today are moving to the cloud, so on-prem solutions alone aren’t sufficient for protection from attacks. Our solutions can provide the protections you need, through behavioral analytics and machine language, as well as threat intelligence and deep application expertise.

Zero-Trust Solutions

Access to applications no longer requires access to the network. The perimeter has been demolished and the internet has become the new corporate network. It’s time to revisit the idea of Zero-Trust. Gartner has encouraged the implementation of the software-defined perimeter (SDP), and it’s time to embrace it.

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